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Our wealth of experience makes us the ideal partner to guide you through the process of building your dream home in one of our attractive communities. From lot selection and floor plan design to providing a price to build, we streamline every step.

Explore our available lots and the protective covenants we have in place to maintain the high standards of our subdivisions.

With hundreds of acres still remaining to develop, we continually have new projects on the horizon. Check back often to see what’s new.

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As a seasoned developer, we not only design but also build new homes. Leveraging our extensive design experience and contractor expertise, we promise a seamless journey towards your new home.

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Discover answers to common questions about our Subdivisions and Building Lots

Are there subdivision covenants?

There are covenants, conditions and restrictions for our subdivisions. The covenants can be found on the individual subdivision pages. The covenants outline architectural control as well as discuss restrictions such as recreational vehicles cannot be stored in the driveway, but must be stored behind the front of the home and screened from street view.

There is also a specific tree, a little leaf linden that must be planted in the planter strip between the sidewalk and the curb.

Please read through the covenants prior to purchasing in the subdivision. By purchasing in the subdivision, you agree to abide by the covenants in the subdivision.

What house plans can we use?

We have many plans that we have built throughout our subdivisions, as well as plans in store to build, but you are certainly welcome to bring a plan of your choice, or we can design a custom plan for you with our in house drafting services.

Plans will need to be approved by the Architectural Control Committee prior to construction.

If we just reserve a lot, how long do we have to build?

While we develop our subdivisions with the intent to start home construction sooner rather than later, we understand that timing doesn't always line up for people to build right away and some may want to have their lot selected, but not build for a while.

You can reserve a lot for 30-60 days with a deposit, during which time we will get plans ready and quote you a price for the build that will include the lot. We may be hesitant to reserve lots to those without immediate plans to build.

What does "Build to Suit" mean?

In each subdivision we will usually tag lots that we are working on plans to start construction for a spec home (a home we will build for sale). Those lots are "build to suit" lots, meaning that we plan to build on the lot, but aren't quite ready to start building so if someone wants to have that lot, we can build their plan on that lot instead.

What builders can we use?

While there are many great contractors in the area, we are the one stop shop for building a home in one of our subdivisions. Through Satterfield Builders, our home building division, we can offer you high construction quality and business integrity.

Since we have built the majority of homes in the subdivision, we are very familiar with the subdivision standards and help our clients avoid costly mistakes. Ask us about our building packages and let us show you why so many choose to use Satterfield Builders on their new home.

What will it cost to build? Is there a price per square foot?

The most frequent question we get is "What will it cost to build?" This question is dependent on many variables, from the size of home desired to the lot it will be placed on. You can get a rough feel for the cost of building by looking at the current homes we have for sale and compare the number of bedrooms, bathrooms, and square feet to the home you would like and get a ballpark feel.

Doing some simple math, you can also calculate a price per square foot. We don't quote build jobs on a price per square foot basis. That isn't fair to you or to us since there are so many different factors that can make a home have a higher or lower price per square foot. We price based on completed construction documents and specifications, and a price per square foot number can be calculated off of that.

Keep in mind that all square footage is not rated equally. Main floor square footage is the most critical for pricing purposes. Basement square footage that is finished is much less expensive than building and finishing space on a second story or expanding the main floor area. We will discuss all of these things with you during the initial consultation.

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